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We treat the above 5 categories as follows:
1.Kidney deficiency

Herbal prescription---SU LING ZHU(ren shen, bai zhu, fu ling, bai shao yao,
gan cao, dang gui, shu di huang, tu si zi, du zhong, lu jiao, chuan jiao)
Acupuncture---BL23, CV4, SP6, ST36, KI2, KI13.
Medicated batch, Qigong recovery such as Taichi boxing. how to treat infertility
2. Liver qi stagnation
Herbal prescription---KAI YU ZHONG YU TANG (gang gui, bai zhu, bai shao yao,
fu ling, dan pi, xiang fu, tian hua feng) Acupuncture---CV3,KI14, LR3, KI13, GB34, SP6.
Medicated batch, Qigong recovery such as Taichi boxing (For inpatients only).
3. Dampness and phlegm stagnation
Herbal prescription---QI GONG WAN (fa ben xia, cang zhu, xiang fu, sheng qu, fu ling,
chen pi, chuang xiong) Acupuncture---CV3, ST30, ST40,SP6, SP9.
Medicated batch, Qigong recovery such as Taichi boxing (For inpatients only).

4. Blood deficiency

Herbal prescription----SI WU TANG (dang gui, chuan xiong, shao yao, shu di huang) Acupuncture---ST36,CV6,SP6,SP9, BT20
Medicated batch, Qigong recovery such as Taichi boxing (For inpatients only).

5. Blood stagnation

Herbal prescription---XUE FU ZHU YU TANG (dang gui, sheng di huang, tao ren, hong hua, zhi ke, chi shao yao, chai hu, gang cao, jie geng, chuan xiong, niu xi) Acupuncture---CV3,ST29, SP6, KI13.
Medicated batch, Qigong recovery such as Taichi boxing (For inpatients only). Can TCM work together with modern therapies such as IVF, IUI? The answer is yes. Nowadays many patients try to have an IVF or IUI treatment together with the TCM treatment. TCM focuses on the body, preparing the body. This includes improving the quality of the eggs and sperms, helping the lining of the uterus, while modern therapies focus on insemination. This kind of "one plus one work" may result in "equals three". From my personal experience of treating thousands of patients, the following procedures should be followed:
Before the IVF we should tonify the kidney, nourish and move the blood. This will help the body produce better eggs and produce a better lining of the uterus.
During the IVF we should cool the heat and balance liver. This will synchronize the body and the uterus; the internal and external hormones.
After insemination we should nourish and warm the blood, tonify the spleen and kidney. This will assist the embedding and development of the embryo - preventing miscarriages.
Furthermore, many clinical trials recently carried out in the West have shown a positive effect in acupuncture treatment with IVF. For example, Dutch and American researchers analysed results from seven clinical trials (selected as eligible from a total of 108), all published since 2002 and carried out in four Western countries. They included data on 1366 women and compared acupuncture given within one day of embryo transfer, with sham acupuncture, or no additional treatment. All except one used a similar acupuncture protocol (based on Paulus et al). The analysis showed that combining real acupuncture with embryo transfer was associated with significant and clinically relevant improvements in clinical pregnancy rate. Women who underwent acupuncture were 65% more likely to have a successful embryo transfer procedure and 91% more likely to have a live birth. (Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ. 2008 Mar 8;336(7643):545-9.)

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