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The Hepatopathy Center was set up in 1990, during past 20 years, there are over tens of thousands of patients recovered in the center.
To see how the patients recovered and how the patients talked......

Mr Sun, male, 57, Accumulation(Liver cirhosis & splenauxe)
Mr. Sun, male, 57. Right costal region feel dull pain and uncomfortable for more than 5 year. Liver function repeated abnormally, had taken treatment in several hospital, got little curative effect. In May, 2005, he came to our hospital. Checked him, face showed dark complexion, weak, anorexia, ventosity, loose stoo, tongue quality dim, indentation at the side, coating is white and thin, pulse string fine. Blood cereal third transaminase is 108U/L, glutamic-oxalacetic transaminease is 88U/L, plasma albumin is 31g/L,5 items of hepatitis are: HBsAg、 HBeAb 、HBcAb are positive(Small 3 this world), Liver and spleen colour to exceed showed: Liver parenchyma echo the thick, had nodosity, width of Portal vein is 14mm,thickness of Spleen is 48mm,which are considered to be cirrhosis, portal hypertension, splenauxe. Medical result is CHBLC(compensatory stage). The spleen deficiency syndrome differentiation biaoben huanji type.Use Umbilical fire therapy,once a day, 30 days are a treatment, meantime taking Homemade soft liver pill 9g, 3 times per day.
One month later, costal region pain disappeared, and costal region turned better, after 2 continuous treatment, The cereal third transaminase reduced to 38U/L, glutamic-oxalacetic transaminease to 37U/L, plasma albumin went up to 36g/L, color ultrasonic showed: width of portal vein is 13mm, thickness of spleen 45mm, node feeling disappeared. Later, took Chinese traditional medicine for Consolidating curative effect, not relapsed again.
Mr Li, male, 52, Xiaoke(hepatogenous diabetes)
Mr. Li, male, was 52. For the pain of right costal region, he was in hospital for 10 years and at that time, liver function is abnormal, ALT215 U/L ,AST 118 U/L,A/G 1.2,Tbi65.51 mmol/L; Five indexes of hepatitis B: HBsAg HBeAg HBcAb; HBVDNA 3.67×107/mL; Clinic manifestation is: pain of right costal region, anorexia, dry mouth to drink, drink does not quench thirst, weak, Food abdominal distention after, ErBian adjustable, light Tongue qualitative , Moss thin white, pulse sink slow. TCM syndrome differentiation the spleen deficiency stomach, use Chinese Traditional medicine formulas to treat liver disease. After take Static point huangqi injection, have no untoward effect. Patient's pain of right costal region, anorexia, dry mouth, weakness turned better, and began to turn up emaciation, away GuShan hunger, chilly, after checking blood sugar, it showed: 13.56 mmol/L; blood sugar is 21.56 mmol/L after two hours of dinner, FCP0.32 mmol/L,ISI 5.82;And then instruct patient to relax the spirit. Chinese Traditional Medicine prescription (Ripe aconiti 30 g astragalus 120 g ginseng 60 g roasted liquorice 30 g atractylodes macrocephala koidz 30 g salvia miltiorrhiza 30 g dry ginger 30 g sand benevolence 15 g born dragon pastoral each 30 g; use water to fry and take, once a day, by separate in the morning and evening.)more or less. After taking it for one week, Clinical symptoms turned better, and then checked the indexes again, blood sugar, 7.46 mmol/L; after two hours after dinner, 11.56 mmol/L. Insisted on taking this prescription for two years, patient's blood sugar is normal so far.
Mrs Yin, female, 54, Treat cirrhosis by Chinese Traditional Medicine unite stem cells
Mis Yin, (Hospitalization number 73886), female, 54; lived in Anzhuang, feicheng city. She was affiliated with cirrhosis for 10 years, ascites broke out repeatedly, and would be in hospital for 3 to 4 times a year. Albumin was always between 19—25g, need to add albumin to keep on. In March, 2010, she was operated SCT, together with Chinese medicine, the condition is stable and albumin was kept to above 35g, in March, 2011, albumin was 43g, ascites disappeared, he could work normally. According to BianZhengLun, we chose BSTLF and Zhenwutang to treat her: Frost 30g barrenwort 30g dodder 30g sanqi (panax notoginseng) 15g cooked 30g 45g aconite large-headed atractylodes poria cocos 15g ginger 30g guizhi 15g dried tangerine or orange peel to 15g roasted liquorice 15g, with water boiling it, once a day. Stem cells were immitted slowly to liver by the way of intervene through hepatic artery. Additionally, use Umbilical fire therapy, once a day, patient would feel comfortable in the second day, ascites disappeared gradually; Appetite improved, and was in hospital for 45 days, together with Chinese medicine to consolidate curative effect, by 31st, Dec, 2011, the situation was stable, not repeated again. All tests showed normally.
Compared before and after treatment by Chinese Traditional Medicine unite bleeding of the umbilicus stem cells:
Before treatment 2010.3.13(Liver turned narrow,Large ascites)

After treatment 2011.3.18(Liver turned larger obviously, ascites disappeared.)

Compared before and after nuclear magnetic resonance:Before treatment 2010.3.13

After treatment for one year 2011.3.18

Compared before and after treatment by Coagulation Function:It was obviously abnormal before treatment 2010.3.11

All turned normal after treatment

Compared before and after treatment by liver function:
Before treatment albumin is 25.2, the proportion between albumin and globulin is 0.62.

After treatment, albumin is 41.6 before treatment, the proportion between albumin and globulin is 1.27.

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