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Who will treat you?

Our hospital's Hepatopathy Center(the National Key Department) will offer you complete treatment.

Xueyin Zhao(the National Leading Specialist of Hepatopathy) ,is the director of Hepatopathy Center, hepatopathy specialist and also he is vice president of our hospital. Xueyin Zhao is recorded in National Experts Forum (Above Video). The above video is Xueyin Zhao are talking how to treat liver cirrhosis......

How shall we treat you?

Therapeutic Principle: Individual and Comprehensive Therapy
According to individual conditions of patients, we treat liver
cirrhosis patients comprehensively integrating superiority of Traditional
Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, external therapy and internal therapy......

What is the possible cost?

The total cost including treatment and hospitalization expenses
will depend on individual conditions of Liver Cirrhosis patients.
But possible cost range is from 10,000USD to 50,000USD to get the
satisfied treatment results.

What is the possible treatment effect?

National Effect Evaluation:

(1) To estimate effect as Liver Tissue Pathology and Clinical comprehensive
assessment system.
(2) Therapy evaluation includes therapy-terminated effect and follow-up effect
of treatment-withdrawal 3 months or longer.
(3) It should be defined as effective treatment if without relapse after
treatment or be effective after treatment again......

According to the standard of above,the center's treatment effective rate is over 90%.

Where you will accept treatmentif you come to China?

Mountain Tai, the world famous tourists attraction, is the place where you will
accept your treatment.
Our hospital is located at the foot of Mountain Tai, offers the best
inpatients' environment conditions and services, we also offer the good entertainment
equipments for inpatients.

How can you come here?

You can fly to Beijing Airport, Shanghai Airport and Guangzhou Airport, and
then from there fly to Qingdao Liuting Airport. When you reach Qingdao Liuting Airport,
our Qingdao office workers will fetch you and arrange you staying one night in Qingdao,
and second day Qingdao office workers will take you to our hospital.....

What is Liver Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a serious liver condition that can cause fatigue, weight loss, swelling,
jaundice mental confusion and liver failure. While it is usually precipitated by alcohol
abuse or chronic hepatitis, other conditions may lead to cirrhosis, including cystic
fibrosis, autoimmune disease, medications and exposure to chemically toxic environments.
Cirrhosis develops ......


The Hepatopathy Center was set up in 1990, during past 20 years, there are over tens
of thousands of patients recovered in the center.
To see how the patients recovered and how the patients talked......

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