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What is possible effect of liver cirrhosis treatment

1.Basic Principle

  • (1)To estimate effect as Liver Tissue Pathology and Clinical comprehensive assessment system.
  • (2)Therapy evaluation includes therapy-terminated effect and follow –up effect of treatment-withdrawl 3 months or longer.
  • (3)It should be defined as effective treatment if without relapse after treatment or be effective after treatment again.

2.Histopathology effect evaluation.

Histopathology effect evaluation applies semiquantitative scoring system(SSS). SSS is a mathematical model aiming at research purpose. It represents severity of diseases.

3.Effect Evaluation Standard

Effective: SSS Score Decrease ≥2 comparing with before the treatment

Ineffective: SSS Score Decrease<2 comparing with before the treatment

Atraumatic treatment effect Evaluation

1. Serum fibrosis markers: it is effective if 2 or more markers decrease ≥40% comparing with before treatment,and keep steady after treatment.

2. Related liver functions and immune indexes: it is effective if related liver functions and immune indexes are improved apparently and keep steady after treatment.

3. Clinical signs and symptoms: it is effective if clinical sings and symptoms are improved apparently and keep steady after treatment.

4. Imageology: it is effective that at least inner diameter of portal vein trunk and spleen thickness are reduced after treatment.

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