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Our Hepatopathy Center was created in 1990, in 1998, it was certified as "the city key department"; in 2000, "the provincial key department"; in 2002, it is certified as "the national key department"; in 2006, it was approved by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine; in 2008, its nurse station was named as "National TCM-characteristic Excellent Nurse Station".
  • The National Key Department Famed TCM Experts & Hospital for Chronics
The Center has more than 2,000 square meters of wards,80 beds,18,000 annual outpatients,and 15 million yuan turnover.The center has a great team, including 3 PhD,6 Masters and 16 professional healthcare workers.
  • Director of Hepatopathy Center Wards of Hepatopathy Center
The Center insists on treatment integration between TCM and Western Medicine, created 16 kinds of special treatment ways,20 kinds of homemade preparations. The Center focuses treating internal diseases by external therapy,developed great methods such as GANBINGZIMUGAO,QIHUO therapy etc to treat hapatopathy effectively.
Since 2009,the center began to use Stem cells to treat hepatitis,liver cirrhosis,so that doctors can use the normal cell as a "drug" to repair damaged and hardening liver tissue.It is really great for recovery of hepatopathy patients and its prognosis.The center uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to settle down long-term existence of stem cells in the body,this is western medicine can not make.
  • Stem Cells Therapy TCM Support for Stem Cells Therapy
Te center insists on "Patients are God,Quality and effect are the key",makes every effort to bring brightness for world patients.

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