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Professor Yujie Chang has been engaged in study and treatment diabetes and foot gangrene for about 20 years. During past 20 years professor Yujie Chang has let thousands of patients have their own nice feet again.
To see how the patients recovered and how the patients talked......
Miss Yang, female, 57 years old, height: 1.65m, weight: 60kg
Patient's information: Miss Yang, female, 57 years old, height: 1.65m, weight: 60kg
Illness history:Trouble in polyphagia, polydipsia, dieresis, emaciation for 10 years; numb limb, gangrene of two feet for 1 year, diagnosed as diabetes, take Xiaokewan, Dameikang, Metformin etc; control of blood sugar level was not satisfactory. One year ago, it appeared that numb limb and pain. After being treated by several hospitals, all advised him to do amputation treatment, but family did not accept, so they came to our hospital to accept the treatment of Stem Cell Therapy. Examined by Hospital: Temperature is 36.0, blood pressure is 145/75mmHg. Heart-lung function is normal, bilateral lower legs had no edema,two parapodum back pulses disappeared, there was ulcer in the left foot, which was about 2.0×2.0cm, skin was dull-re, great toe of right foot turned black. She was diagnosised as Type II Diabetes (severe), Merger diabetes foot(Ⅳ level), Hypertension high-risk groups(Level 2), FBG 8.6mmoL/L, blood sugar after dinner 3 hours was 13.2mmoLL. Therapeutic Process: Adjust dietary structure; Keep her emotion stable, insulin injection for 18 units per day to control the blood sugar. After being in hospital for 5 days, it began to treat by Umbilical cord blood stem cell treatment. After 20 days, color of an area of necrosis has turned tight; FBG was controlled within 7.3mmol/l. After 1 month, part of gangrene, Old skin has taken off, FBG was controlled within 6.7mmol/l. After 2 months, gangrene part has recoveried basically, patient went back home to recuperate.
Mrs. Wang, female, 45 years.
Patient's information: Mrs. Wang, female, 45 years.
Illness history: Body condition was well ever, but suffered from diabetes three years ago, and then took the medicine with Hypoglycemic Effect, but later the effect was not good, so took the insulin treatment. Therapeutic Process: Firstly, got a Traditional Chinese medicine pancreatic penetration therapy targeted live, together with the diet to control the blood sugar level, one week later, got the treatment of CBSCT. One week of transplant, patient has felt better, the pain released. After two months' recuperation, body recovered much. Blood sugar level was 6.2mmol/L.
Mr. Fan, male, 68 years.
Patient's information: Mr. Fan, male, 68 years.
Illness History: 3 years ago, he had the symptoms of dry mouth, polydipsia, dieresis, FGB was 13.6mmol/L, was diagnosised as Type II Diabetes. Took medicine to control the blood sugar level, later the effect was not good, so turned to take insulin treatment. 1 year ago, patient's leg began to afraid of being cool and cold, when he walked, two shanks feel uncomfortable and aching pain, patient did not take it serious so did not took treatment. Later, he was careless to amyxis the foot, and took anti-inflammation drugs to treat, but the wound did not recovery, and turned serious. The two feet ulcerated a lot, which was too horrible to look at.
Examined by Hospital: Patient's whole body condition is not good, had Poor nutrition. Blood sugar level after dinner 2 hours was up to 19.8mmol/L. There was ulcer of 2.9× 2.6cm on the right heel, ulcer of 3.3×2.9cm on the 5th metatarsal bones outboard, ulcer of 3.0×3.0CM on the left heel. The entire ulcers were atropurpureus.
Diagnosis: Diabetes, Diabetic Foot.
Therapeutic Process: First of all is to balance the diet. The principal food of 3 meals should be comparatively stable. The breakfast and lunch should add some meat, eggs, milk; the supper should be mild which can assure the need of the airframe nutrition and energy. Later it is to take the treatment of anti-inflammatory together with the effective antibiotics. 5 days later, it is to take Stem Cell Therapy. After 21 days of SCT, patient's blood sugar level is controlled and some of ulcer has begun to recovery gradually, there is no suppurative material again. Later months, patient can walk freely and be out of hospital.

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