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Who We Are

Qingdao Heshoutang International TCM Treatment Center is a institution which offers online health consultation by Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists and doctors.

Why We Do

As more and more side effects and problems from present medication, more and more people want to look for alternative medicine for their health.

We create this institution for benefit all world people to get good and correct alternative medicine easily.

What We Prepared for You

We prepared professional Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists for you to consult health information, professional Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors for you to get correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

We also prepared fruitful, useful, and correct health information for you on STUDY TCM.

What You can Do Here

You can consult any specialist you want to talk by clicking specialist name;

You can join any patients' room which you are interested in to talk with certain specialist after you logined with your google, yahoo and facebook account.

What We Hope

We hope all world people will get health benefit from our service, we hope all world people become more and more healthier with our service.

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